Some of the great talent that came to the Casting Call

Andre and Lucrisa Hillard, who brought their film company Cinemahill Productions to the Killeen area last year, will conduct a casting call in March for their first local production.

1040 Not So EZ (2017) on IMDb

An Urban Drama, the film is meant to portray a theatrical display, inspired by a culmination or montage of different life events. Based on experiences of individuals whom the story is based, it inspires a noble outlook through the display of intense urban legend that is displayed in this satire focusing on the experience of four loved ones and friends, as they attempt to outsmart the public in order to strike it rich.  Upon receiving vengeance from but one of the hundreds of people they scammed, they begin to feel the repercussions of karma retrieved and faced from such actions as taking hard earned money from hundreds of working class citizens and expecting no one to catch on. The scam gets them placed on alert across Texas and at the airport, closely foiling their plans for mini world domination and tax fraud.

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Val Valdez | Herald

Catherine Gamble reads for a role as Lucrisa and Andre Hillard, and David H. Nguyen look on, during a casting call for the movie, “1040 Not So EZ,” at the Harker Heights Activities Center on Sunday. The film is expected to begin shooting in June.

A SAG Signatory Film

Valerie L. Valdez | Herald correspondent

David H. Nguyen, film director, gives an actor some direction as Lucrisa and Andre Hillard, owners of Cinemahill Productions, watch during an audition at the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library on Sunday.


"A Ponzi scheme turns out bad as an Army sergeant and his buddies try to make it rich by outsmarting the government"